Received my test results

1 JdJD 10 539 2017.11.02 16:38

Got my results today ( test date 1/11 (Seoul Pearson Center) )


Communication Skills  : L90,R90,S90,W90


Enabling Skills 

Grammar 89

OF 79

Pronunciation 79

Spelling 76

Voc 90

WD 63


Thanks everyone :)


Lv.2 2 JdJD  실버
187 (79%)



9 땐써리 2017.11.02 17:19

Congratulation! You win the 25 Lucky Point!

20 Jaylee 2017.11.02 17:26
외국분이신가요? ㅎ 축하!

If you don't mind, why don't you leave some tips and tricks to get high scores in PTE for us.
Anyway, Congrats!!
1 우하하하 2017.11.02 17:49
wow~ that would be awesome~!!!
5 happysju31 2017.11.02 18:21
Good job~~!!
1 JdJD 2017.11.02 19:16
I don't have many tips and tricks. Mostly I followed the youtube videos.
But, speaking and the essay was my biggest phobia.
So I practised in a little different way.
Describe Image:
Initially, I would write the description for different types of images and read them aloud. I did this until I was comfortable with various chart and image types. Once I arrived at my own format for the images, I started practising without writing.

From that link, you can download the essay points. These are not complete essays but few points on each essay.
What I did was, I wrote one essay everyday using the points mentioned in the document.
After few days, I became comfortable with the essay template and how to express the ideas and some common vocabulary.
And remember, content is not important in PTE essay. So stop worrying about  writing "correct opinion" .

By the way, I am not a native speaker and my english is just average.
All the best.
20 Jaylee 2017.11.02 21:11
These are the tips I guess. It will help someone definitely. Thanks for the comment.

Congrats again and all the best!
8 bruce 2017.11.02 21:11
4과목 만점이 가능한건가요? enabling 점수는 만점아닌데도요? ㄷㄷㄷ
20 Jaylee 2017.11.02 21:13
네 가능한걸로 알고 있어요.
2 얃얃얃 2017.11.04 15:05
Good job. =]
12 리디아 2017.11.05 23:02
Congrats and thanks for the tips!