wfd 12월 새로운 기출이 뜬건가요? ㄷㄷㄷ

10 jennie 8 877 2017.12.17 17:36

wfd  12월 새로운 기출이 뜬건가요? ㄷㄷㄷ


둘러보다가 새로운게 뜬거 같아요. ~ 언제 또 외우나~~~요 ㅠ.ㅠ


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16 Ston 2017.12.18 01:00
그런것 같네요 ㅠ 알려주셔서 감사합니다. ㅎ 정리하시기 좋게 적어봤어요.

Rivers provide habitats for fish and other aquatic species.
Recession triggers creativity in thirty, due to past thirty.
Clinical practice for nursing will prepare students for professional work.
The article covers interesting experience.
Certain scientific principles need to be learned verbally and by a logical deduction.
In addition to the requirements, students must pass all the qualifying examinations.
Money and packing affect the world.
There are some doubts to whether these events actually occurred.
Graduates from this course find careers from financial department.
The director of gallery was grateful for the anonymous donation.
Convincing evidence for this theory is hard to obtain.
Some scientists insist the entire system is fall.
Read the first section before the next meeting.
Trainings are required to become a medical specialist.
Students require for extension should apply sooner rather than later.
This is an integrated courses with several elements.
It is being made to reduce harmful emissions.
The teaching staffs are extremely approachable, helpful and friendly.
You were able to contact a number of research subjects.
The most popular courses still have few places.
The library holds the substantial collection of materials of economic history.
Her celebrating theory has a great level of controversy.
The theme of instrumental work exhibits more of a demure compositional style.
The commission of funds supported among the authorities has raised an argument.
It is really a comprehensive program that covers both theory and practice.
1 허리업2 2017.12.18 17:49
두분 모두 감사합니다! 덕분에 도움 받아갑니다!!
제가 질문이 있는데, JINNIE 님께서 올려주신부분은 read aloud인가요? 아니면 WFD인가요?
아 그리고 알려주신 사이트에서 연습겸 들어봤는데, 실제 시험장에서도 저런 발음으로 나오나요? 음성변조한것처럼 이상한 발음이라잘 못알아 듣겠네요ㅠ
10 jennie 2017.12.18 20:53
Wfd 요
그리고 저 사이트에 가면
여러 음원들을 들어볼수 있어요
Sst 나 wfd 나 di RL 등등이요

Congratulation! You win the 38 Lucky Point!

1 허리업2 2017.12.18 20:59
아 답변 감사합니다 Jennie님!
그런데 실제 시험장에서도 저런 발음으로 시험문제가 출제되나요?
10 jennie 2017.12.18 21:07
아녀 저건 기계음이구요 12월 wfd 는 기게음인데 예전꺼는 사람목소리로 녹음되어있는것도 있구요
시험때는 사람목소리로 들려주죠~~
1 허리업2 2017.12.18 21:32
아 다행이네요 ^^ 잘몰랐어요.
18 삶은꼴뚜기 2017.12.18 22:59
Ston님의 정리로 한결 수월하게 공부를 할수 있게 된거 같습니다.!! 소중한 자료 감사합니다!

Congratulation! You win the 44 Lucky Point!

6 stellayu 2017.12.19 08:18
두분 모두 감사합니다^^