에서 SST 답 평가해주세요!

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안녕하세요, 79점 목표로 공부하고 있구요. 

저 PTESTUDY 사이트에서 SST 공부하면서 답을 몇 개 적어봤는데요, 

어떻게 해야 하는 건지 모르겠어요. 일단 여기서 들리는 대로 청크 받아적고, 센텐스로 연결시켰거든요. 그런데 70자가 매번 넘어요. 

형용사도 들리는 그대로 넣어주면 점수 받는데에 더 좋을 것 같긴 한데..  

제 답변 보시고, 고수님들 조언좀 부탁드릴게요!! 다른분들도 혹시 밑에 답변 있으시면 공유해요! 

음원파일은 그 사이트 들어가서 보셔야 합니다 ㅠㅠ 


6. Many Americans were panicked while listening to radio play depicting realistic story. People live nearby appear to have been most frightened. The drama had convincing sound effects, and played by actors and musicians, based on the science fiction book. Even today this broadcast is widely known as the greatest deception in the world. They broadcasted each halloween afterwards, and this event demonstrated enormous credibility media enjoys in contemporary society.

7.Ideas on the language origin has always been questionable. Egyptian king ordered two children to be raised in total isolation to find the language origin, while others claimed that Chinese can possibly be the origin language of the humankind. Despite many suggestions, linguistic association had disapproved all. However it became a serious field of study only recently. (57)

8. Many people use herbs and spices for thousands years. Herbs come from green leaves of plants, whereas spices come from other parts of plants. They were valued for their taste, as it sharpened taste of many foods, and for their smell and used traditionally for health reasons. It is gaining importance in modern medicine. Also small changes in diet may reduce their desire to eat and help burn calories.

9. Community service is an important component in this university. So they encourage students to volunteer at least one community activity before they graduate. Students can sign up tutoring program and start helping children with Mathematics or English or both. This will not only be a valuable experience, but also will look good on the resume showing that you care about community. (61)

10. Insurance has existed in some form for a very long time. The earliest insurance policy provided shipping protection for merchants. The contracts were often a verbal agreement, but ensured that if shipment is lost at sea, loan didn't have to be repaid. The interest varied according to how risky the travel was. This form of insurance helped encourage international trade, and remain in all policies today. (70)

11. Near NASA, there is an underwater treadmill inside water tank. It was designed to observe scuba divers' movement, as they simulated walking on the Moon and Mars. Researcher observed how gravity of Mars and Moon affected human movement. Divers experienced gravity of Moon and Mars, and found that walking on Mars will be a lot easier than Moon, as they had stability, and also needed less oxygen tank. (68)

12. This national park, covered with saw grass is a place to see many wildlife. First spot is home to many plants and animals such as exotic birds, world famous alligators and can be watched from safe distance. Second spot is jungle like area featuring wonderful tropical plants. You can rent a canoe if you have a good sense of direction. Winter is also best time of the year to visit. (70)



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5 Dani 2018.07.21 12:09
문제가 있는 링크를 올려주시면 도움이 될거같아요!
70자를 꽉채우는 건 별로 문제가 되지 않는거 같아요 매번 60-70자를 채워쓰거든요 저도. 글자수가 넘어간다는 건 불필요한 부분까지 너무 세세하게 담는 다는 뜻인거 같은데...예를 들어 12번의 경우
This national park (문제에서 이름 알려주면 이름 쓰는게 좋아요), covered with saw grass is a place to go in winter to see many wildlife. (마지막 문장과 첫문장을 합친거예요. 벌써 단어수가 몇개 줄어들었죠?). There is a couple of famous spots to view plants and animals such as exotic birds~~and wonderful tropical plants. YOu can even rent a canoe if you have a good sense of direction. 이렇게 쓰면 글자 수 줄이는데 많이 도움이 될거에요