13/3 Perth 65+목표 (+result)

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I just checked the result, just reading what I made a mistake!!!! it was so close..hope I could have luck next time.
date.      1/11 2/13. 3/13
Listening 59 52 64
Reading 67 66 60
Speaking 64 66 76
Writing 66 60 67

Grammar             66 71 72
Oral Fluency     66 57 75
Pronunciation     56 68 63
Spelling               64 83 51
Voca               62 62 73
Written Discouse 79 90 90
overall               64 61 65

아...리딩 FID 2문제를 시간 분배 미흡으로 또 놓쳤네요
앞선 두번 시험에서 리딩은 항상 목표만큼 나와서 긴장을 너무 풀고 본것같아요
학교 공부 다 미뤄두고 했는데 처참하네요
리딩 이후로 충격먹어서 리스닝도 겨우 마쳤어요 멘탈이 붕괴되어서 쉬는시간에 겨우 다잡음 ㅜㅜ
그리고 지난번 리스닝때 시간 모자라 Wdf 한문제 놓쳤는데 두번째 이러니 제가 너무 한심하고 기운빠져요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 아무래도 시험 전날 잠을 푹 자는게 좋은것같아요 어제도 잠을 제대로 못자고 하니 집중력이 떨어져서 리딩에 시간을 많이 쓴것같아요

작성글 다 올리니 저리 밑에 부분만 안올라가서 댓글로 첨부합니다.

DI-London picture- 1900 and now
Pine tree Paper making process

RL-globalization and agriculture, graph with computer and product price
SAQ-decade, geology, mammal, increase sea level-climate change,
The development of technology is hard to be predicted. Not only experts but also ordinary people seem to be particularly incapable of predicting the growth of the technologies; although we attempt to infer from the experience of earlier technologies, the way to justify such approach still is an outstanding issue.
Tourism in a less development country
Special museums are open for families with kids since sometimes it is hard to control kids’ behaviour. There was a mom with three kids visiting British Museum but were asked to leave because one of them kids was scared by a statue and screamed out load. The mom was angry and complained. As a result, she receives more than 500 mails from families who had the same experience and requested for the right of kids.
talent war
The lecture was about the main reasons of talent shortage. The speaker explained about an increase in retirement of baby-boomers, which has led to a significant decrease in the number of skilled people. In addition, the collapse of loyalty has deteriorated the situation because people would change their job because of higher income. In the end, there was a conflict between what education produces and what business needs.
Competition faced by LSE
1. two factors: English and funding of government.
2. 5 main kind competitions: for students, academic staff, research funding, research contracts, pound against other currencies
Icing and anti-inflammatories will help with the pain and swelling. Vigorous massage of the knot in the muscle will help it to relax and ease the pain. Meanwhile, work on strengthening and stretching your hip, hamstring and lower-back muscles. For stretching, focus on the hamstring stretch, the hip and lower-back stretch, and the hamstring and back stretch. For strengthening, try side leg lifts. (knot of muscle, stop sth by applying pressure to, trick the brain · into flooding sth with blood)
Stress –
 that tense feeling often connected to having too much


Lv.12 12 Marie  실버
1,780 (61.9%)



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1. Unlike Barnes' previous books, Mother of Storms has a fairly large cast of viewpoint characters. 
2. This usually irritates me, but I didn't mind it here, and their interactions are well-handled and informative, although occasionally in moving them about the author's manipulations are a bit blatant. 
3. They're not all necessarily good guys, either, although with the hurricanes wreaking wholesale 
destruction upon the world's coastal areas, ethical categories tend to become irrelevant. 
4. But even the Evil American Corporate Magnate is a pretty likable guy. 

When launching a product, research and marketing are very vital. 
When employees ask for raise in wages, the companies raise prices.
Animals raised in captivity behave differently from their wild counterparts.
The article numbers are collected through very interesting experiments.
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수고하셨어요. 후기도 감사합니다. 시간이 항상 부족하다고 하셔서 제가 팁을 드리자면 리스닝 같은 경우는 FIB 를 제외한 기타 유형은 전부 음원이 끝나기 전에 선택을 해놓고 끝나면 바로 next 누르고 갑니다. 어짜피 시간을 끌어도 WFD 의 1/10점수밖에 안되니깐요... FIB도 30초이내 체킹시간만 갖고 문제 넘기면 WFD에서 5-6분간의 여유를 가질수 있습니다. WFD 문제당 1분씩 엄청 신경써서 스펠링, 문법체크를 합니다. 저도 WFD 4문제중 3문제 놓쳐바서 그 마음 이해합니다. ㅜㅜ
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Thanks you so much^^