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Beehive Action Recall 1.4
Original 2018-01-05 PTE big monitor PTE black technology

I heard that the students concerned passed the exam

Zhenti memories

Encountered four retell lecture, simply suspect life!
A new title, particularly difficult, completely do not understand, the remaining three are frogs, three plan for sales people, how to become a good professor.

Hearing FIB
1. Speaking in front of everyone will not be confident, it is normal, there is an empty "diffident", the rest can not remember.
2. H1N1 makes a lot of people "ill" and "spread" quickly and becomes "global". In the United States, "500,000" people died

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There is a question about elderly employees, saying that they are different now. They all hoped that they would retire early. Now they hope they will be delayed in retirement and gradually "gradually" reduce their working hours. In the end, both the employee and the employer can get what they want " simultaneously "

7:30 04/01/18 Person Sydney
India worker
Song birds
In a less developed country, the disadvantages of tourism can be as great as advantages?
43 woman loan
Our professor is holding a business development conference.
Most of the features are part of previous system.

Sydney Pearson

Composition is a new technology, I wrote a computer.

wfd two chicken
student consession card
teaching assistants

Australian exports

Video, recording a lecturer with a projector lecture, the picture is very vague, the voice is very vague, about a person's deeds, the option of his mother alone grew up with him; he only wrote a great book; his parents Illiterate The first one I 懵

answer short question
Greetings to and from season to season - Migration
There are several seasons a year - 4
In contrast to the rainy season - the dry season

United States Urban Population Rank 2007 and 2008 Top 10 Changes

400,000 years ago to 0 years of temperature changes

A lot of histograms

RA without chicken

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Hive Action Exam Memory 1.3

Original 2018-01-04 PTE big monitor PTE black technology

I heard that the students concerned passed the exam

1.4 Clifton

DI rhinoceros distribution, male and female family expenses, investment in education are chicken

RL nonprofit, soot (pictured is Beijing's haze), Edmund Wilson

SWT: Comparative advantage of engineers in Namibia, India and the United States

WE: climate change

RO: railway development, competence and performance,

FIB: There chicken, but the pit has changed, I will go to the applet message.

SST: Urbanization and Agricultural Development, Mr green,

WFD: celebrity theory is still a great source of controversy

You are able to contact a number of researcher projects

Many graduations from journalists get jobs in the communication field

Article numbers are collected through interesting experiments

1.3 Clinftons 9am

RA without chicken has 3 to 4 words

RS 6 ~ 7 sentence length, other long but slow

DI Flag Education histogram tree section


Paris renovation

community worker



living in countryside




mass communications pros and cons with your own experience

RO Carbon Detox

FIB Edison


student loans



Three sentences a new sentence

1.Celebrated theory is still a great source of controversy.

2.Our professor is hosting the business development conference.

3.A party is thrown in the small meeting room.


ra: lincolns war power

The company is located in:

di: two or three pie chart two charts, a virus reproduction

The company is located in:

asq: how to say the candle's wick

The company is located in:

rl: a comparison of nationalist parties in several cities in london, Scotland (there is a table that says several places in the population)

The company is located in:

A test too, the underwater system to detect the case of fish, the camera on the water, fish and terrestrial organisms, there is pressure to eat

The company is located in:

Australian export

The company is located in:


parents born order


Carbon dioxide is the most important source of greenhouse effect, mostly due to human behavior, and some industries are responsible for this. The company should then balance profit and sustainability. There is an organization that can do this to help assess and provide tools.

The company is located in:

essay: consumer goods company Need to pay more attention to reputation or short-term strategy such as discount

The company is located in:

Missing word: robots (Speaking in caves and other places need to explore, but people go too dangerous, then we need to focus on it ...)

The company is located in:

Indian female scientists say seed bank and farmer, they can not see seed Only spend more money to buy, ask them to see higher rate of ......) I chose is seed failure

The company is located in:

Conclusion: There is a talk about which countries she went before and then 2 decades later went to countries where more and more people began to take the plane, the world is shrinking, world village, there google with new technology so that everyone in the home computer Can see the street map (Speaking a bunch, all understand, do not remember which one)

Speak prisoners and the relationship between unemployment

The company is located in:

Radio: pitch of man: depend on the tension of tongue and the size of muscle

Professor retention Customer retention: Very important but many companies do not understand

The company is located in:

sst: chicken fine writer write secret life of bees

laugh berlin wall

The company is located in:


many graduates of journalists find jobs in communication fields.

The company is located in:

Control systems in manufacturing ...

The company is located in:

the theme use the same ... of problem

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Hive Action Exam Memory 1.2

Original 2018-01-03 PTE big monitor PTE black technology

I heard that the students concerned passed the exam

1.2 9am pearson sydney



No chicken, individual words need attention


london street comparison chart

Temperature and presentation diagram

A map of the volunteer rate about men and women

table (life expectacy left is xyz that)

There is also a pie chart


A little forgot to say the kind of sentence that is especially good and long


Bilingual parents speak to children

western women have children

There is also a ppt figure that the three physical theories (kinetic what's)

Notes a little bit more time enough for yourself


There is a Tuma: is mammal

decade is 10 years


The rest is not chicken



Nobel Prize


There is also a new bar should be talking about carbon dioxide

By human

Behavior generated climate change businesses and other organizations to work together to solve (using technology) Each section has some of the focus of the logic is still relatively clear (btw finally check when you want to add a few words found over 70 quickly deleted, and later Response to SWT is 75 words we can pay attention to do not commit low-level errors such as me)

WE: Solve a world's problems and solutions


reorder super lucky step on

One is engineer opportunities and double

There is also a vegetarian


There is a head buried in the sand

Andersen's Fairytales

Radio has a choice driving

Do not remember more than the election




Einstein theory


There is a noisy interview on the three lines


Remember the infrastructure initial Underbeneath (U to capital)


It is absolutely vital to acknowledge your sources.

Those seeking a further extension should contact their faculty for information.

Teaching assistant will receive a monthly stipend for housing.

New Year's Day exam, check the New Year call for seven days New Year Dragon, can blast 8

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