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라이팅이 86점 나온걸로보아 PTE가 원하는건 복잡한 문장구조나 고급어휘가 아닌 오류없이 중요한 내용을 캐치해야하는것 같아요.

When the Rosetta Stone was discovered in 1799, the carved characters that covered its surface were quickly copied. Printers ink was applied to the Stone and white paper was laid over it. When the paper was removed, it revealed an exact copy of the textbut in reverse. Since then, many copies or facsimiles have been made using a variety of materials. Inevitably, the surface of the Stone accumulated many layers of material left over from these activities, despite attempts to remove any residue. Once on display, the grease from many thousands of human hands eager to touch the Stone added to the problem.
An opportunity for investigation and cleaning the Rosetta Stone arose when this famous object was made the centerpiece of the Cracking Codes exhibition at The British Museum in 1999. When work commenced to remove all but the original, ancient material, the stone was black with white lettering. As treatment progressed, the different substances uncovered were analyzed. Grease from human handling, a coating of carnauba wax from the early 1800s and printers ink from 1799 were cleaned away using cotton wool swabs and liniment of soap, white spirit, acetone and purified water. Finally, white paint in the text, applied in 1981, which had been left in place until now as a protective coating, was removed with cotton swabs and purified water. A small square at the bottom left corner of the face of the Stone was left untouched to show the darkened wax and the white infill.

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An investigation and cleaning are conducted for Rosetta Stone by The British Museum because the surface of the Stone accumulated many layers of materials from various activities, and as treatment progressed, substances were analysed, and the protective coating had left in place.


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좋은팁 감사합니다! 한가지 궁금한점이있는데요, E2 PTE동영상을 보면 ,and로 또다른 독립적인 문장을 이어주는건 하나의 문장이아니라서 which로 다시 바꿔서 문장을 이어주는걸 봤거든요. 이 부분은 영향이 많이 없는걸까요~?
4 제이크 2018.04.13 10:11
which로 바꿀수 있다는건 앞뒤문장이 연관성이 있어서이지 않을가요? 그럴경우 and 나 which나 모두 가능할 것 같아요. 전혀 관련없는 아이디어를 and로 연결시키면 하나의 문장이라고 보기 어려울 것 같고요. 위 문장같은 경우 investigation과 treatment는 결국 같은 얘기이기때문에 한문장으로 이해해도 될듯싶습니다.
14 제니 2018.04.13 10:27
그렇군요! 답변감사합니다. 아직 문장만드는데 미숙해서요 항상 그부분이 궁금했어요 : )

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1 ahtkuy 2018.04.30 12:54
The grease, carnauba wax, printers ink, liniment of soap, white spirit, and acetone were found on the surface of the Rosetta Stone when people attempted to investigate and clean the stone for the exhibition at The British Museum in 1999.
2 Sunny368 2018.05.16 07:20
이걸 도대체 어떡해 요약하죠..................... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 망했네여
6 kss123 2018.06.29 12:10
Since the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, it had accumulated a variety of materials and human grease while undergoing the activities to copy the carved character on its surface, and in 1999, the effort to investigate and clean the surface of the stone was made, getting rid of residuals and leaving only small part of it without removing.