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Small War



In such an environment, warfare is no longer purely directed against the military potential of adversarial states. It is rather directed at infiltrating all areas of their societies and to threaten their existences. The comparatively easy access to weapons of mass destruction, in particular relatively low-cost biological agents, is of key concern. Both governmental and non-governmental actors prefer to use force in a way that can be characterized as “unconventional” or also as “small wars”. War waged according to conventions is an interstate phenomenon. The “small war” is the archetype of war, in which the protagonists acknowledge no rules and permanently try to violate what conventions do exist. The protagonists of the “small war” observe neither international standards nor arms control agreements. They make use of territories where they do not have to fear any sanctions because there is no functioning state to assume charge of such sanctions or because the state in question is too weak to impose such sanction. This type of war does not provide for any warning time. It challenges not only the external security of the nation states and internationalcommunity , but also their internal safety.





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진짜 어렵네요 대충 먼말인지 알거같긴한데..
전쟁은 더이상 adversarial state 에 대항하는 싸움이 아니라 내부적인 전쟁을 유도한다는..

Unlike the interstate warfare, small wars are acknowledged with no rules and violations by protagonists who would go against existing conventions such as international standards or arms control agreement; however, they will eventually challenge their own security internally and externally.

terrorist 도 넣고 싶은데 어디다가 넣어야 할지모르겟다는..
저는 항상 쓰고싶은 말이 너무 많은듯