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제가 시험에서만 Linguists 을 두번 받았었는데 복습겸 오디오가 혹시 있나 찾아보다 발견한 소스입니다.


기출 키워드 돌아다니는거랑 비교하면 엇비슷 한것 같은데, 혹시 다른분들도 이 문제 받으신적 있으시다면 맞는지 확인 부탁드릴께요.


중국커뮤니티 기출 키워드:

- Linguists are often seen as the expertise of the language

- But expertise is actually different from authority.

- Communities have always been holding the authority of their language.

- Languages are dying out, which is generally due to the dominance of communities.

- For language revival, communities should not always hold the dominance.


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한시간짜리 25메가 용량 파일이니까 데이터 없으신분들은 컴퓨터로 받으시고

다운로드 받으신 다음에 40분 30초 부분부터 41분 50초까지만 들으시면 됩니다.


아래는 오디오 스크립트 입니다.


40분 30초 시작

Christine Eira: I think with our linguistic training we also get all this invisible training to be authorities, to be the people who know. It is part of that process that you come out as a world authority on your chosen subject. But when we move into working with communities, we have to recognise that the communities have to be the authority in their language.


Actually a woman in the class I’m teaching at Sydney at the moment, a career woman, expressed this very nicely, although she was talking about something else, she was distinguishing expertise from authority. And certainly linguists because of our training we do have expertise in certain very narrow areas of language, but we don’t have the authority over what to do with that knowledge or what to do with other knowledge that the community produces.

I guess for me the bottom line is languages are lost because of the dominance of one people over another. That’s not rocket science, it’s not hard to work that out. But then what that means is if in working with language revival we continue to hold the authority, we actually haven’t done anything towards undoing how languages are lost in the first place, so in a sense the languages are still lost if the authority is still lost. 

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6 kss123 2018.06.28 12:55
이건 뭐 한국말로 나와도 뭔말인지 모르겠네요. 이런걸 문제라고 내다니 참... 말하는 여자도 자기가 뭔말 하는지 잘모르는거 같은데
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이거 오늘 받앗는데 맞는거 같아요!! 근데 전 망햇...ㅋㅋ