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제가 사용했었던 DI/RL template 공유해봅니당.

DI는 기출문제 연습 하면서 많이 보았던 유형별 template 입니다.


<Describe Image>

[Intro: This bar graph/line graph/pie chart/image represents <타이틀>, including A, B and C (from year xxxx to xxxx)(in year xxx)(throughout the week/year)(across the world).]


1. Bar graph 

[Intro]. The highest figure was for A, with about 수치, and this is followed by B with about 수치.

On the other hand, the lowest figure was for C with about 수치 (In addition, D increased/decreased by about 수치 compared to B.) Overall, this graph is a very useful piece of information and could be used for future studies.

* Bar graph가 historic data 일때(연도별 graph): line graph처럼 설명하기. 처음-끝 연도별로.... Cross between years to compare. 

* Age그룹별, proportion일때는, %로 말하기 시작. e.g. The percentage of A was xx%..


2. Line graph

[Intro]. At the beginning of the period, 타이틀 for A was 수치, and then it reached a peak at 최대치 in 언제. In addition, it rapidly decreased to 낮은 수치 in 언제. In the meantime, 타이틀 for B was 수치 at the beginning and it gradually rose/fell to 수치 in 언제. C was at its higest/lowest around 수치 in 언제(그래프 높낮이 가장 뚜렷한 부분을 읽어줌). Overall, this trend is likely to continue in the future.


3. Pie graph

[Intro]. A accounted for the largest part of 타이틀 with about X%, followed by B with about X%. C and D were about X% and X% respectively. E was the lowest feature with about X%. Overall, this chart is a very useful piece of information and could be used for future studies.


4. Table of rankings

[Intro]. A ranked first in terms of xxxx and B ranked Xth on the measure of xxxx. On the contrary, B ranked(s) Xth in terms of xxxx while ranking Xth in terms of xxx. Overall, this chart is a very useful piece of information and could be used for future studies.


5. Process

[Intro]. This diagram represents the process of 타이틀 and it is clear that there are X steps including A, B and C. At the start of the process, A happens(occurs) and then followed by B. After this, C occurs. At the end of the process, D happens. 

In conclusion, the 타이틀 is a/an complicated/easy process. 

OR> This diagram represents the process of 타이틀 including steps A, B and C. First of all, A happens and then B happens. After then, C happens and finally D happens at the end of the process. In conclusion...


6. Temperature and Rainfall graph

[Intro]. The highest temperature is in [month] at [수치] degrees celcius/fahrenheit, and the lowest temperature is in [month] at [수치] degrees celcius/fahrenheit. On the contrary, the largest amount of rainfall is in [month] with [수치]mm/inches, and the lowest is in [month] with [수치]mm/inches. In conclusion, this country/city is very hot/cold and humid/dry.


* 준비 시간에 가장 눈에 띄는 특징 2~3개 정해놓기. 문장 만들기.

* 40초 채우지 말고, 30초~35초까지만. 

* 그래프가 눈에 들어오지 않거나 갑자기 멘붕? 올때는 Intro+최대치/최저치+결론문장=간단한 4문장만 말하기.



<Retell lecture>

최대한 다 적기. 단어뿐만 아니라 문장도...

아예 딕테이션 한다는 식으로 구문 또는 문장을 받아적어 앞에 쉬운 접속어들 붙여서 그대로 사용.


This lecture was about [주제]. According to the speaker, it is important to understand [KEY1] and [KEY2]. In addition, the speaker added that [KEY 문장]. It was also emphasied that [KEY 문장]. Finally, the speaker suggested that we should also consider [KEY 1~3]. 




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