Listening note-taking strategies

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Listening 시 따라 적기가 힘들어 abbreviations으로 검색하다가 찾은 내용인데요...

note taking시 유용할 것 같습니다. 물론 이것만으로 충분하지 않고 자기만의 abbreviation을 계속 추가 해나가는 것이 좋을 것 같습니다. 에를 들어 people은 pple.. 이런식으로요.


1. Use symbols and abbreviations

The use of symbols and abbreviations is useful for lectures, when speed is essential. You also need to be familiar with symbols frequently used in your courses.

  • Develop a system of symbols and abbreviations; some personal, some from your courses
  • Be consistent when using symbols and abbreviations

Symbols for notetaking

equals signequals/is equal to/is the same as
does not equal signis not equal to/is not the same as
is equivalent tois equivalent to
Therefore signtherefore, thus, so
Because symbolbecause
Plus symboland, more, plus
More than symbolmore than, greater than
less than symbolless than
Minus symbolless, minus
leads to symbolgives, causes, produces, leads to, results in, is given by, is produced by, results from, comes from
Increases by symbolrises, increases by
decreases by symbolfalls, decreases by
Proportional to symbolproportional to
Not proportional tonot proportional to


These can be classified into three categories:

1. Common abbreviations

Many are derived from Latin.

c.f. (confer) = compare 

i.e. (id est) = that is

e.g (exempla grate) = for example

NB (nota benne) =note well

no. (numero) = number 

etc. (et cetera)= and so on 

2. Discipline-specific abbreviations

In chemistry:

Au for gold

Mg for magnesium

In the case of quantities and concepts, these are represented by Greek letters in many fields.

A or a (alpha) B or b (beta)

3. Personal abbreviations

Here you can shorten any word that is commonly used in your lectures.

diff =different

Gov = government

NEC = necessary

Some abbreviations are so well known and widely used that they have become an Acronym - an abbreviation pronounced as a word.

For example , the word 'laser' was originally an abbreviation for 'Light Amplification by Stimulation Emission of Radiation'. It now is a noun in its own right!

2. Use concept maps and diagrams

You can set down information in a concept map or diagram. This presents the information in a visual form and is unlike the traditional linear form of note taking. Information can be added to the concept map in any sequence.

Concept maps can easily become cluttered, so we recommend you use both facing pages of an open A4 note book. This will give you an A3 size page to set out your concept map and allow plenty of space for adding ideas and symbols.

  • Begin in the middle of the page and add ideas on branches that radiate from the central idea or from previous branches.
  • Arrows and words can be used to show links between parts of the concept map.
  • Colour and symbols are important parts of concept maps, helping illustrate ideas and triggering your own thoughts.


Underwater cameras



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전 듣고 앞에꺼 안잊어버리게 기억하려니 또 뒤에를 제대로 못듣고... 뒤에를 듣다보면 앞에를잊어버리고..
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