WFD 최신기출(65~99) TTS 녹음입니다.

WFD 최신기출(65~99) TTS 녹음입니다.

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2 Dan1el 2017.08.30 21:41
스크립트도 올려 주심 안되나요?
11 beautifulday 2017.08.31 00:35
65. Control systems in manufacturing require a higher level of accuracy.
66. We need hand in the essay by next week.
67. Public perception about biotechnology is crucial for developing scientific consensus.
68. Americans have progressively found the growth in quantitative terms
69. The island is located at the north end of the bay.
70.  The report contains the most important information.
71. Water taps on the campus will discourage the frequent use of plastic bottles.
72. The early works of this research are more experimental.
73. A recent article shows a number of interesting experiments.
74. You should include these two pictures from the lecture in your assignment.
75. Eight groups need to submit the outlines of their projects to their tutors.
76. The early work is more philosophical rather than experimental.
77. The author's previous works are more theoretical and less experimental.
78. The massive accumulation of data is converted into a communicable argument.
79. The theory has a great degree of controversy.
80. The theme of the work requires a demure compensational style.
81. Organization plays an important role in academic literature.
82. The advertisement for children is open to much debate.
83. The effect of advertising is open to much debate.
84. Article numbers are collected through interesting experiments.
85. Mutually exclusive events are neither complementary nor opposing.

86. To gain full marks, an appropriate bibliography is required.
87. Climate change is becoming an acceptable phenomenon amongst a group of reputable scientists.
88. You can find a lot more information on the university website.
89. Companies want to protect their brands from negative comments.
90. Books for children often contain many pics of illustration
91. Before completing the exercise, you need to read the remaining chapters.

92. Attracting skilled worker  to the city with expervsive housing is  hard.

93. An ancient text may hold secrets which were lost centuries ago.
94. Agenda items should be submitted by the end of the day.
95. Affordable housing is an important issue for all members of the society.
96. Rising sales figures means a rise in demand.
97. Some people regarded it as care, while others regarded it as recklessness.
98. Remember, the prestigious selection has strict eligibility criteria.
99.  Remember, the gifts purchased by children should have striped character.
1 Chaseneeds8 2017.09.10 19:26
감사합니다 !!
1 셰프데니 2017.09.11 11:32
4 Shane 2017.09.16 09:02
최신기출 공유해주셔서 정말 감사합니다! ^^

질문1: 90번 pics로 들리긴 하는 데 원래 답이 pictures를 줄여서 pics로 한 게 맞나요?
질문2: 92번 expervsive 라는 단어가 없어서 정답이 혹시 expensive나 다른 단어가 아닌가요?
4 시드니철이999 2017.11.09 20:41
감사합니다,,,공유해 주셔서요
2 sori1234 2018.03.08 15:21
보통 시험에선 WFD가 몇문제 정도 나오나요? 시간은 한문제당 몇초인가요?
10 Aarrron 2018.03.08 15:33
3문제에서 4문제가 나오구요 시간은 문제당 할당되지 않구요 리스닝 전체 시간이기 때문에 마지막에 WFD문제 안놓치실려면 앞 문제들에 너무 많은 시간을 투자하시면 안됩니다
2 sori1234 2018.03.08 22:26
아하 그렇군요 감사합니다^^
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