PTE 79+ review

PTE 79+ review

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Just want to share my experience. After taking the test on 27/7, my account has been blocked for 5 days because I logged in many times and did not log out waiting for people to cancel their booking so I can book. Don't ever do that, your IP address will be blocked as they think you are a bot. Finally I can log in after 1 week and got my result 82+ each. I got 59 in speaking and 70 in listening on my first PTE test 4 months ago. But lately, I constantly score 90 in speaking and 84 in listening by reading tips and study question bank. I got no problem with reading and writting score.

Remember to use the same speed while speaking. Don't speak too fast in read aloud section then speak slow in describe image. I could pass long time ago if I read all tips how to score 90 and study question bank more.

1. For describe image: content is not important, but fluency and pronuciation. You can introduce the type of chart and read the title, measured in million/percentage etc. Then indicate the highest number and lowest number. You can use template as content for this type does not affect any other skills like listening or reading.


2. Retell lecture: content is very important if you want high score in Listening, but don't forget fluency and pronuciation for speaking score. The topic sentence is usually the first sentence you hear from the lecture. Note that down. Don't take note examples. After the first sentences, they ususally explain and give examples, just take note few key words. They will move on the second topic sentence which you need to note down. Try to listen the last past if the speaker give any suggestion. That's your conclusion. Opening the retell lecture by saying "the speaker was discussing +topic, he/she mentioned, key word 1, he also indicated key word 2, finally he suggested key word 3". I think it is quite important to say the conclusion. Try to note down the last sentence the speaker just said. 

3. Read aloud is very important as it affects reading score. years ago, you need to speak fast no more than 30 second per paragraph to achieve high score, but now Pearson has changed. You need to speak clearly and don't have to be fast, but you should not speak too slow. Raise your voice at the beginning of the sentence and lower your voice at the end of the sentence. Emphasize on nouns that you think it is important. Don't stress on connections words or article etc.

4. Repeat sentence: for me it's the hardest part because after I listen to the whole sentence then I forgot the first part haha. Try to note down the key words, or you can close your ey and memorise the phrases , not single words. If you are lucky you will have a few questions from question bank. However, for this type of question, it's low chance to have the same question bank questions. It is as important as write from dictation because it accounts for 1/3 score.

5. Summarize spoken text: read the score guide you will see it's 10 marks per SST. it is divided in 5 parts, 2 marks each part including 2 marks for content, 2 for words count, 2 for grammar and 2 for spelling. It is easy to get at least 9 marks each for this type if you write no more than 70 words and correct grammar and spelling. Of course, try to get as much key words as you can. Don't try to paraphrase them just note down exactly what you heard.

6. Summarize written text: You should read the first or the second sentence. It will be your topic sentence and then pick up the key words and phrases in the next paragraph and the last paragraph, link them with connection words "and, however, but, etc". Don't try to rephrase them if you don't know how, because in my first text I only got 74 in writing. I did use my own words to replace the text, but then I read the tips on youtube to score 90 and copy the words and phrases from the text, my writting went up constantly to 87.

7. Essay is not important , you only need to answer what they ask with correct grammar, spelling and essay structure. It's not like IELTS.

8. Write from dictation: just like repeat sentence it is the most important part of the test. Make sure you leave enough time for Highlight incorrect words and WFD. I ran out of time once and I did not get 79 in listening and writing. Usually all the questions are from the question bank. But this month they have released new questions. You can use this trick below if you are not sure the noun is single or plural.


Correct Transcript: You must submit your assignment by next Friday.

your answer: You must submit your assignment assignments by next Friday.

you will get full marks for each correctly spelled word in correct order and you will not be penalized for incorrect words.

Please note: don't overuse this trick. you can add 1-2 words, don't add too much. I haven't tried to add many words so I'm not sure what will happen. But one word did work for me.

9. Multiple choice with multiple answer: only choose the option you are 100% sure. because you will get negative mark for wrong answer. You can choose only one option if you are not sure about others. That's way you can have 1 mark, instead of losing all marks if you pick one more option but it may be wrong.

Good luck everyone.




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Thank you for sharing your tips and congrats on passing the test!!;)
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Thank you for all the tips.
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